Electronic Cigarette

An Electronic cigarette is a smoking device and which does not contain dangerous chemicals, such as Tar, Carbon Monoxide or any of the other 4,000 deadly Carcinogens which are found in normal cigarettes.

E Cigarettes can be an effective solution for people looking to quit using normal cigarettes, as they can generate significant cost savings and the fact that they mimic the action of smoking a normal cigarette.

Many people use electronic cigarettes to overcome their addiction to cigarettes and when compared to normal cigarette cessation methods such as Nicotine patches and chewing gum – using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking can be a fun and enjoyable experience.

What Is A Electronic Cigarette?

An e-cigarette comes in three parts. A Lithium battery, the vapouriser, and a reservoir.

The reservoir contains the e liquid, which is a Glycerin based fluid, which can be made up of various flavours and Nicotine.

When a electronic cigarette is powered up, the vaporiser is activated by the movement of the air, which then burns the E liquid and converts it into a mist, which the user then inhales.

The History of the E Cigarette

The e cig was invented in China, by a pharmacist named Hon Lik, who was spurred on to produce the electronic cigarette, after the death of his father from lung Cancer.

Mr Lik, first patented the electronic cigarette in 2003 and sold it onto the Chinese market the very same year.

A E Cigarette works when a suction movement occurs at the cartridge tip, the nicotine solution enters a built in atomizer that has heating-elements.  As it passes through the heaters the nicotine liquid solution evaporates and creates a vapor which is inhaled and released by the user.

The mist of an electronic cigarette is completely harmless and unlike normal cigarettes, it poses no danger to other people who may be in the vicinity of someone using an electronic cigarette.

The vapour produced by an electronic cigarette, also does not stain teeth, nor does it leave behind smells which remain on clothes and household items, as normal cigarettes do.

Compared to the noxious tobacco smell that contributes to most smokers bad-breath problems, electronic cigarettes can have a pleasant smell, thanks to the various e liquid flavours.

E CIgarettes And E Liquids

E lIquid, is a water based solution that is stored in the tank or cartridge of an electronic cigarette. It is most commonly made of propylene glycerol and vegetable glycerin, plus flavourings and a small amount of Nicotine.

There are hundred of e liquid flavours – some for example include: coffee, menthol, vanilla and cola, strawberry, mango and cherry.

Electronic Cigarettes Worldwide

The electronic cigarette market has has seen a worldwide boom in the past couple of years and they have become a ever-growing global trend.

There are 500,000 electronic cigarette users in France; more than one million in the UK and the United States is the market leader that consumed 5 million electronic cigarettes in 2012.

Compared to the noxious tobacco smell that contributes to most smokers bad-breath problems, electronic cigarettes have a pleasant smell, thanks to the various e liquid flavours and the fact they can be smoked anywhere – both indoors and outside.

Electronic Cigarettes are not effected by the UK smoking ban, which bars people from smoking in offices, bars and pubs.

Celebrity E Cigarette Users

One reason for the ever-growing popularity of electronic cigarettes, has been the number of celebrities, who have been seen smoking these devices.

Some confirmed electronic cigarette celebrity users include famous names such as: Oscar winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Two and a half men start Charlie Sheen. The actress and singer Lindsay Lohan. Supermodel Kate Moss. Internationally acclaimed actor Johnny Depp and the former Girls Aloud member and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole.

Smoke Less With An Electronic Cigarette

When someone uses a normal cigarette, the natural inclination for a person is to smoke as much as possible and not stop until the cigarette and tobacco has been expended.

With an electronic cigarette, a person will usually puff on the device a couple of times, before stopping and putting the device away. By doing this a person will make great savings, by smoking less often.